Friday, 1 May 2009

All this paper for 7 letters on a plastic plate

Amongst the jobs I need to do tomorrow is buy a front numberplate. My local motor factor sells them. But, before he will sell me (a regular customer, who has a loyalty card with this shop, and who is in around once a week) a numberplate he wants:

My driving licence.
The car's V5.

This is apparently because if he doesn't see this, I might be a master of crime, intent on cloneing a 1972 landrover. Unless I tell him the plate is for display purposes only, in which case clearly I'm not. (All I want to do is display the wretched thing anyway, for at least long enough for the MOT man to see it).

Then once I've get to the MOT, my V5 will probably come in handy, cos they never manage to fill in the online test system without it, if only because the vin number isn't actually on the truck(there is no legal requirement, for anything pre 1908s).
Then I've got to tax the thing. This requires my insurance documents, V5 and MOT certificate, dispite the fact that all the information on all of them will be avalable online to them.
Such is 21th century Britain.

The good news is that once I've done that, the next time I should need to touch any of those bits of paper will be mid April next year, when the insurance renewal is due...

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