Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Timing Tweak

I've always been slightly concerned Bitsa's rebuilt 200 wasn't quite timed spot on, mostly because it always took a bit of cranking before she woke up at a cold start, and this was inevitably followed by some really rough running and white smoke till she was several hundred yards down the road.

I finally had enough this evening, and whipped the cover off the timing case, locked the pump off, slacked the adjuster bolts off, moved the crank backwards about 3deg, and re-tightened the adjuster. Startup is now within 2 turns or so from cold, rather than 10, with no smoke or rough running, and there seems to be fractionally more power on tap. I await the next lot of MPG figures with interest, as I suspect it may have improved matters. (Mind you, I keep tweaking things, and saying that, and so far the figures stay stubbornly at about 25mpg...).

Monday, 28 June 2010

500 miles away....

Bitsa racked up just over 500 miles this weekend, thanks to a quick jaunt round Wales.

Not a hitch, apart from some mild panic about fuel levels on the way back late at night. I really need to get the rear tank fitted, the range on the front tank is minimal.

Managed Swansea - Macclesfield in 3 hours, 30 min, which I reckon is pretty good going - google maps said 4 hours 33min for the (direct) route I used, or 3 hours 50min via the M4/M50/M5/M6, which would have added a lot more miles.

Blogging with remain very light, as I've a million things to do...

Friday, 4 June 2010

Conveyor belt is the future

Totally knackered now, after spending best part of 4 hours, and 3 stanley knife blades fighting with some thick conveyor belting, in a mission to reduce the row in the cab at speed. I had a good size lump of brand new belt thanks to a mate in the quarries, it seems A1 stuff, but was very hard work to cut, taking several passes, even with a brand new knife blade.

Its hard to be certain, but it seems to have made quite a bit of difference - the general row as the world goes past has diminished. Most of the improvement seems to be when idling (a lot less panel rattle), and when travelling at high speeds (>50mph), when the row from the gearbox seems much reduced.

Cab also looks tider inside, less bits of a different colour visible. I've also dusted over about half the seatbox with matt black spray paint, after I found a can with a little paint in the bottom left in one of the footwells. At some point during one repaint, I really should do the inside of the cab in blue, to match the rest of the truck.