Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bank Holiday Monday

...was mostly spent with a pick and shovel, digging out the floor of the workshop where I rebuilt Bitsa. Rummor has it that I may actually get to concrete the floor, and then it may be a little less unpleasant to work in... you never know.

I did do two rather important jobs to Bitsa.

1) Change a leaking brake pipe on the front axle. One of the pipes that runs across the swivel housings between the flexi hoses, and the wheel cylinders had taken to weeping at one of the unions shortly after the MOT, and so it got replaced.

2)I've finally fitted a drivers door top. While clearing out the workshop prior to digging the floor out, my eye lighted on a halfway decent looking door and top that was sat in the back of the shed. The top was even glazed, and the runners had sufficently little moss not to be rusted solid. I undid the nuts holding the top onto the door, hit it a couple of times with a big hammer, and almost to me disbelief, the top came off without leaving the fixing bolts in the door tubes.
The only snag is that is it a violent shade of red. Blends into the rest of the vehicle like a polar bear in the Sahara. I suppose I could find the blue paint, or it could just wait until I get round to repainting the rest of the truck.

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