Sunday, 24 May 2009

I have working battery charging

At long last, alternator no4 has actually lasted as long as the drive home from the yard. Shocking, isn't it...

I spent half of today making a bracket for it, that actually lines it up with the engine.

These days its rare to see me and any other pose, except when asleep.

The finished bracket, with a standard one to compare. The alternator has to be brought forward about 1" from its normal position - the final location was the result of trial and error. I got it right second go, after tacking it far too far forward of the first attempt.

The original bracket was cut in half with the angle grinder. A total absence of cutting disks in the workshop ment I did the deed with a grinding disk, if people are wondering why the gash is so huge.

Setting up to weld the extension bit of flat bar onto the bracket. I used a large stick welder - the average hobby mig set isn't up to this sort of work.

Halfway through the welding. The oil of ages was splattered all over the alternator mounting bracket, and burnt merrily.

In other news the front prop has two knackered UJ's, and I couldn't find any spares, so it has been removed for the short term. I'll have to buy a pair of new UJ's at some point, so the've gone on the "Landranger List".

Handling seems improved with the Rangemasters on the front, and I think that the white rims suit her. I need to get some air in the others, so they can go on the back.

I've still a fair few jobs to do, but things are definately comming together now - its starting to look like a repaint will be the next major job to do...

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