Thursday, 30 April 2009

Nearly there.

Well, Saturday went pretty well really.
NOG breaking ANOTHER halfshaft, wasn't in the plan for the weekend, but by Lunchtime I was finally ready to tackle Bitsa.

I did a pile of jobs small and big, with result that I now have no wheel wobble on one swivel, I have a key start, and most of the front end wired, and I've got both front wings on.
I've also now got a M/C pushrod that is the right lenght - I just need to get it fitted. (I've a very clever plan to get this done without having to bleed the brakes, but don't hold your breath)

Still to do, a pile more electrics(rear this time), and behind the dash.
The floor.
Front number plate.
Screen washer/wipers
Seatbelt, for the driver.
Some sort of fuel return to the tank that doesn't leak.

If my MOT place is open on B/H monday(they are open 7 days a week normally, so may be), it may get a test then, if not I'm aiming for the following Saturday.
I can't wait, not least cos NOG is basically very tired, and every time I take her somewhere I feel I'm pushing my luck.

She will be getting some TLC in a bit, see her blog for progress when it all kicks off...

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