Thursday, 30 April 2009

Nearly there.

Well, Saturday went pretty well really.
NOG breaking ANOTHER halfshaft, wasn't in the plan for the weekend, but by Lunchtime I was finally ready to tackle Bitsa.

I did a pile of jobs small and big, with result that I now have no wheel wobble on one swivel, I have a key start, and most of the front end wired, and I've got both front wings on.
I've also now got a M/C pushrod that is the right lenght - I just need to get it fitted. (I've a very clever plan to get this done without having to bleed the brakes, but don't hold your breath)

Still to do, a pile more electrics(rear this time), and behind the dash.
The floor.
Front number plate.
Screen washer/wipers
Seatbelt, for the driver.
Some sort of fuel return to the tank that doesn't leak.

If my MOT place is open on B/H monday(they are open 7 days a week normally, so may be), it may get a test then, if not I'm aiming for the following Saturday.
I can't wait, not least cos NOG is basically very tired, and every time I take her somewhere I feel I'm pushing my luck.

She will be getting some TLC in a bit, see her blog for progress when it all kicks off...

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Today, but rather later

I'm planning on starting the final assult on Bitsa.
Unfortunately, its going to involve electrics. I hate electrics.
Not least because they seem to hate me, and normally catch fire behind the dash and lose the indicators while I'm trying change lane on some nasty motorway junction.

That said, I wired NOG with some trailer cable and crimped fittings, and its lasted really well. No major faults as yet, and the poor thing has suffered some serious abuse. This means, that the cunning plan, edition 1.0 is to do the same thing to Bitsa. If I can find the crimping pliers anyware that is. I've already run the main cables, so its just a case of connections at each end.

I've also got to fix one of my pet hates - wobbly swivels. Bitsa has a nasty tendency to eat top swivel pins - last rebuild I'm sure I changed at least one. As and when I finally get to Landranger I need to buy a new one for the drivers side.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The jobs remaining

This should be a running list of what's left before Bitsa is finished (apart from painting, and that may have to wait)

Wire electrical system
Connect handbrake (done?)
Change swivel top pin RH
Fit floor/transmittion tunnel
Fit seatbelts
Remove play from steering units, and check centreing.
Put window in drivers door
Make air cleaner bracket/fit air cleaner
Fit drivers wing
Change bottom rad hose
Change brake M/C pushrod, and adjust brakes
Adjust headlights
Change engine oil
Sort some mirrors

Doesn't look too bad a list IMHO - next job is to work out a shopping list, to fly round to Landranger with...

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Its insurered at last.

Everything has gone a bit quiet this months. There are various reason - I spent getting on for two weeks boating, (its just great being able to fire up the engine of one's home, and be under way in minuites...), and the fact that NOG ate a rear halfshaft with a big bang the other night (result - misery, and and evening of trying to get the broken bit out of the diff).

The main reason however has been "Insurance, the white man's burden" (as the Goon show dubed it). Basically, Bitsa is now pretty much finished. She still needs a few jobs doing, mostly electrics, but she is pretty much a complete drivable entity, that I can imagine taking to the MOT without being laughed out of the place.

However, I was skint, and it seemed that Insurance is expensive, especially with a 200 under the bonnet. Best quote I got was about £450 from Lancaster(everyone else wanted £1000+). A months worth of living on beans on toast, and putting rusty pennies in the jam jar, and I've finally found some cash... so I phoned up today, and was told that they now only wanted £350... result. Obviously, an extra month of living has made me so much safer a driver, I'm now only 4/5ths of the risk I was last month.

Anyway, looks like this weekends mission is to throw the rest of the truck back together, and get it ready for a vist to the MOT man...