Saturday, 2 May 2009

So nearly done now...

I've almost finished Bitsa, although it will be next Saturday now before I get it in for an MOT.
The brakes were transformed by an extra 1/4" on the pushrod - all of a sudden the pedal is anything but on the floor. I've been doing electrics most of the day, and most of it works.
Heath Robinson would be proud of the washer bottle (milk bottle with a pump cable tied to it), and I've fitted a pair of new wiper blades...

The floor is in, as is a seatbelt. I've found a mirror.

I've made a fuel return line from the filter up, that doesn't leak.
The headlight dip switch had broken, and I've not time to get a replacement, so for the minute I've got an On-On changeover toggle switch on the dash.

Still lots of detail things to do, and if I run out of jobs on Monday, I can start rubbing down for a repaint...

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