Sunday, 2 November 2008

In case I wasn't sufficently distracted

Since I am a man who spends his entire life doing nothing (not), I have naturally been on the look out for another happy way of wasting away the hours I don't have spare on some other heavy lump of metalwork.

Hence today I did a deal on an elderly 31ft canal boat, in order that I might have somewhere to live. I've been given a fairly short period to get out of my current lodgings (flatmate/house owner is getting married), a it looked like the options were either 1) spend a fortune on rent, or 2) spend a fortune on a boat. I figured that a boat would be more fun for my fortune, and took action accordingly.

Some time next week I should be taking possession of a NB Bluebell, a 1979 Rugby boats 31'er.
Its old, but in reasonable shape. Todays survey (guess who didn't do any work on his poor old landrover today), revealed that the bottom plate needs overplating, but otherwise she is fine. The bottom replate is scheduled for December, but isn't going to cost me anything - the owner reduced the asking price to match the required work.

In other news, the Reliant has blown its head gasket, and even "K seal" isn't completely sealing it, so thats another day due to be wasted shortly on sorting that, and NOG's exahust manifold is being welded again...

Strangely this week I have done a grand total of nothing to Bitsa, poor old girl. Still, I'll get there in the end, whenever that is...