Thursday, 21 May 2009

If I catch the little so and so's

... that stole my 3' breaker bar tonight, I'll shove it so far up their backsides it comes out of their mouths.

I decided tonight to swap the front wheels from some dodgy crossply's for the Avon Rangemaster's I've bought. Halfway through the procedure I walked the 30yds to the boat for the camera. By the time I'd got back to the truck, less than a minuite later, the bar had gone. Theveing little thugs. Its not like I was parked on a public road, I was in the boatyard carpark, where only a few people have any excuse to be.

I had to do the last wheel back up with a 6" adjustable, as that was all I had - I'll have to drive to the farm checking repeatedly for the nuts comming undone tomorrow night, in order to get the drivers side nuts done up propperly.

I also tried to make the fuel gauge work tonight, by stealing the relaints voltage regulator. Exactly the same problem - the gauge comes up when I turn the key, then drops back down again almost straight away. Talk about annoying.

All in all not a very good evening, the only good news is that she looks very nice on limestone rims all round. I just need to get the punchured Avon repaired, and I can even run matching tyres all round for the first time in ages...

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