Thursday, 14 May 2009

I stink of diesel

This is because I changed the fuel filter on Bitsa earlier this evening.

I had been going to do it on Saturday anyway, but I had serious problems with it running out of power and revs, and it was suggested as a probable candidate. It worked too - a quick run halfway up to the Cat and Fiddle and back proved that normality was restored.

I still need to do a oil change on Saturday, as well as fit alternator no3. Are they cursed? I've also got a fuel tank sender, which means that I'm in with a chance of actually knowing how much fuel is in the tank. This might reduce the stress related to the current guesswork.

I picked up 5 tyres tonight. A set of Avon Rangemaster radials, for £50. They are fairly well worn, but probbably still have 6,000 miles or so left - about 5mm left on each of them. Not really offroad tyres, so they may end up on NOG, but they are going on Bitsa for the minute. The front tyres I've got at the moment are really lethal, they lock up at the slightest attempt at brakeing in the wet, and they aren't special offroad either...

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