Saturday, 28 February 2009

An exahusting day

Yes, today was the day when Bitsa finally got an exahust system. A totally standard early 2.25d 109 system apart from the front pipe. That had to be cut, and have one bend removed, and be replaced with a bend cut from a late SIII front pipe. Hardly difficult if you are handy with a MIG set.

While playing about I stuck two bolts on the bulkhead for the fuel filter, bolted it on, and then I sorted some decent plumbing. The disco filter having gone missing long ago, a 2.25 one has been fitted instead.

Other news today includes that I've made a throttle pushrod from bits of the old system, and test fitted the front panel and radiator. I got halfway through setting up the clutch, and someone declared dinner time. The only annoying thing is that I've not fitted the brake pipe set yet - the drill had vanished, and so I couldn't fit the mounting clips.

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