Saturday, 14 February 2009

Spring is comming

... or at least so we are told. Its cold out on the canals, with ice everyware, but on Saturday I spent a day making things rather warm.

I transformed some rather rusty metal into Bitsa's new chassis back half.  Having finally got a reliable supply of affordable MIG gas (that was one of the factors in my not having done anything for months), I'm now back on full welding form.

Last night, and two coats of paint later, and the chassis looks better than it has ever done, replendant in a quick coat of black. Black paint does hide a multitude of sins, dodgy welds and probably all sorts of other things. Mind you the MOT man can get his little hammer out all he wants next test - there is no rust from one end to the other, and no fiberglass either.

Tonight, its a very quick run into Stockport after work, because Landranger are staying open specially for me to collect my new set of springs. If my parcel of spring fitting stuff from Paddock arrives tomorrow, I might have a rolling chassis by Thursday morning...

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