Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Almost time for a test drive.

The point where Bitsa will actually move under her own power got quite close tonight. I now have a working clutch, and have nearly finished putting the gearbox back together. It is supposed to be a good box, but it arrived less the handbrake assembly, rear output shaft and the overdrive cover plate. I spent most of tonight raiding the old box by the light of the SIII's headlights, then fitting the bits on the new box. Getting the handbrake drum nuts undone with no engine attached to lock the box is fun. However, they eventually gave in and undid. I think that the sight of the lump hammer worked wonders on them - that and the knowledge that when the lump hammer fails my next weapon tends to be the gas axe.

To drive her now all I have to do is finsh messing with the gearbox, fit the rear propshaft, connect up the steering, and fix the engine oil leak. To say I can't wait is almost understatement, but I will have to hold myself in patience until thursday night, as that is my next chance to play.

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