Friday, 20 February 2009

Parts are here... and an ode to Ratchet Straps

Paddocks have finally sent me a box with lots of loverly new bits in, U bolts, springs shackle bolts, shocker bushes, split pins and the like.
Tonight therefore, Bitsa should be going back on her wheels again.

Its an interesting sport, getting a bare chassis rolling. I've done a few now, and at least two on my own. This time I have a tactical advantage over the last effort - I'm in a shed with roof beams that can be used for slinging. Its amazing what a bloke and two ratchet straps can manage, when push comes to shove. It would probably also be amazing what any H&S man would say while watching the proceedings, but the beauty of working on farm is that H&S men are few and far between. I've only been clobbered by a falling chassis once in the previous 48 hours, and that has only left me with a bad scrape to my right shin.

Ratchet straps are just great. I've owned two mediums sized ones for ages, and the list of achivements just goes on and on. I've
1)Dragged a Relaint Robin onto a trailer after the rear diff grounded out, and it refused to drive any further.
2)Lifted out a 2.25D engine, with the aid of a barn roof.
3)Recovered a cross axled vehicle, via a handy tree
4)Towed dead landrovers

To say nothing of pulling all sorts of things together so that things fit for long enough to get bolts in the holes, and there actual intended use - strapping loads down with. For the £14 they cost, they have to be one of the best value tools ever.

I fear tomorrow morning, I may be forced to spend more money - the clutch I've put on the 200di is for a SIII box, and the current plan now involves using a IIA box and so I need a new cover plate. So much for a rebuild on the cheep. During this rebuild I've so far spent over 4 times the £100 I actually paid for Bitsa when I bought her (admittedly, about 7 years ago now), and she doesn't even run yet...

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