Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Taking shape

The bulkhead went on tonight. Its really not going to be long and I can actually drive her round the yard for the first time.

What is rather concerning is that I can't find the dash panel anywhere. I can't remember with 100% certainty, but I thought that I had left it sat in the bulkhead - if I did, then someone has "borrowed" it without asking first.
Hopefully it will come to light somewhare with all the various other junk, but I have a nasty feeling about it.

I also started a search for insurance - Footman James are out, they want £1000... because its a LWB. It seems that I could insure a 200di SWB for peanuts, but a LWB - that is beyond the pale. Maybe I should tell them it is a 88", with a modified wheelbase.

I'm looking at motor trade type "drive any vehicle" policys at the moment - given I now have three different policys, it may work out cheeper, as well as allowing me to chop and change vehicles without it costing me money.

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