Tuesday, 24 February 2009


My Automec brake pipes kit arrived today, so it looks like I know what I'm doing tonight. I've always made my own pipes in the past, but given that this is rather a speedy rebuild, and also given that I've become more cautious as I've got older, I thought I would try a kit this time.

It all looks very nice and shiney in its box, next question will be does it fit?

I've got an insurance quote of £400 now - under half of the quote that Footman James were talking about. Looks like motor trader policy's aren't much good till I'm 23, I could get one, but it would cost rather more than the earth... apparently, its different once you are 23.

I'm also feeling rather skint (well, I've just thrown half a months wages at Bitsa in around 2 weeks), which means there may be a sale of valuable assets (Junk). Anyone want a Reliant Rialto, 1981, T&T till May, or a rather rotten SIII with cammo paint for restoration, just let me know.

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