Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I didn't touch Bitsa last night

...cos I instead spent an evening recomissioning NOG. She had been sat about since October with exahust issues.

I was going to sort her our after Bitsa, but the fact that my SIII chassis has very much met the end of the road has forced me to change my plans. The front chassis legs both have massive cracks, and only tactical use of the much loved ratchet straps enabled me to get her home without the use of a big yellow lorry.

Anyway, I'd forgotten what the grin factor of a 2.6 is. Nail it in any gear, and unlike the 2.25D, you get this enthusiastic roar as she surges forwards. Being a 109" it actually goes round corners propperly as a bonus.

She does however need two new propshafts - the front is missing, and the rear bent... the vibrations from the back when one is gets over 50mph tempt one to caution. I must confess I did touch 70mph on the bypass on the way home from from the yard, just because I was enjoying myself so much... its ages since I've been over 60mph in a Landy.

All this leaves me kind of wondering what Bitsa will be like. From driving round the yard, the 200di seems to have more bottom end poke than the 2.6, but I suspect it will trail off badly as one goes faster, unlike the six... I suppose if I get my act together, I may find out shortly...

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