Monday, 16 March 2009

Aternative uses for a landrover door - 1

Had you been up the yard on saturday night, you would have seem a strange sight.
Two men, both holding landrover doors, advancing on an angry pig.

We had had an "escapee" from the pigs version of Coldiz and in order to stop it rampaging round the site, we grabbed the nearest stuff to hand and started stalking the pig. Some planks, a sheet of crinkley tin and some hurdles later, we had a pathway for our pig to follow, so then we pursued it waving some Landrover doors...

Oh the fun of working on ones motor in the middle of a functioning farm.

NOG is still going strong... and I did manage to do some stuff on Bitsa. She has a seatbox and the battery just fits into the tray under the passenger seat. (type 017) if anyone is interested. I spent a small fortune on a new battery cable, which has meant that I no longer have to hold a load of wires together to get her started.

Tonight I'm planning of stipping the front brakes, in an effort to find which cylinder is leaking - wish me luck...

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