Saturday, 7 March 2009

Life at last.

Bitsa actually is starting to look like a landrover now. She has sprouted a rear tub, and actually runs about under her own power.

I've fitted the Automec brake pipes, but I can't honestly say I'm that impressed. Next rebuild I'll be back making my own pipes I think. The Automec stuff was OK, but the master cyl union was wrong (in fairness, it is a Bitsa), and all the pipes were around 8" too long. Finding space for an extra 8" of pipe is rather more than trying, although I managed by mounting the T block on the bulkhead rather than the chassis. Next mission is to try bleeding the little beggars.

The 200 seems very at home ticking away in the chassis, but the gearbox rattles a lot when its not in drive. I'm hoping its not anything serious - I've also got to find the bits of the gearlever I've lost, as I'm currently selecting gear with a lump hammer...

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