Saturday, 25 April 2009

Today, but rather later

I'm planning on starting the final assult on Bitsa.
Unfortunately, its going to involve electrics. I hate electrics.
Not least because they seem to hate me, and normally catch fire behind the dash and lose the indicators while I'm trying change lane on some nasty motorway junction.

That said, I wired NOG with some trailer cable and crimped fittings, and its lasted really well. No major faults as yet, and the poor thing has suffered some serious abuse. This means, that the cunning plan, edition 1.0 is to do the same thing to Bitsa. If I can find the crimping pliers anyware that is. I've already run the main cables, so its just a case of connections at each end.

I've also got to fix one of my pet hates - wobbly swivels. Bitsa has a nasty tendency to eat top swivel pins - last rebuild I'm sure I changed at least one. As and when I finally get to Landranger I need to buy a new one for the drivers side.

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