Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Killing a boingy

I'm not sure how relivent it is, but I might be about the become the proud owner of a second tdi engine - this time with a whole tdi disco attached. If this happens I will finally get to take the big 9" grinder to a discgay with a vengance, and supply someone with all the bits to make a seriously quick series IIA... anyone want any disco bits...?

I notice that 110 prices have been falling through the floor of late. A 200tdi went on eBay the other night with full T+T for under £1200... a couple of years ago that would have just about bought a 2.5NA 110. By comparison IIA prices seem to be on the up - good SWB's are pushing £2K now.I suppose this means that once Bitsa is alive again, I could trade her in for two 110's.
Not that I will be, I'd rather push a IIA than drive a Boingy...

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