Saturday, 18 October 2008

Springs bushes...

... are evil. Fact.

So far I've changed 1 of the 8. It wasn't too bad, the tool makes a nasty job none too bad.

Rather less satisfactory was an attempt on one so worn the inner rubber had fallen out - it seems that the tool doesn't work on these as it doesn't centre well enough... result - I'm going to have to hacksaw the beggar. Joy.

Still no mig gas, but I've a pile of other jobs to do, mostly on other vehicles. NOG needs a front brake stripping for investigation(seems to be grabbing), the fan belt tightening, the rear drive flanges need new gaskets, the cylinder head needs retorquing, the hardtop needs bolting down and painting... the Reliant needs new front brake shoes and drum, and a replacement rad hose.

I also have to claim my new rear stop/tail lights from the local motor factors. I'm fed up with the Wipac ones letting the bulbs fall out, so I've ordered some from Durite. I belive they will be quality items - at £13 a pop they better had be.

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