Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Not posted much...

... because, frankly, there has been little to report, other than lots more miles.

Only new development has been fitment of a CB (obtained for free) in an install that is as invisible as possible while still having a fighting chance of working.

I've also acquired a full SIII clutch system, to fit in place of the current arrangement (leaky master cylinder, length of brake pipe, flying joint to a flexi pipe, IIA slave cylinder on a SIII box). The idea is that then it won't leak its way through a tub of fluid a week, and as a bonus it will look a little tidier under the bonnet. Just got to find the time to fit it.

Most of the fun this week has been with my new Series 1, but as that's a project that's going in LRM, I'm not planning on bloging about it much. (Get down to WH Smiths, and read their copy, you tight beggars).

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