Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Few jobs done, nearly ready for another run to Wales

Off on Thursday night to Wales with OLLR - camping trip to Shell Island.

This in mind, I've done a few little jobs today;

Changed the wheel studs on one rear hub, as the originals were worn, and I was having problems with some wheel-nuts self un-doing. Looks like I've a slight weep from the hub seal, I've left it alone for the minute, as I'd no spare hub seal, and that axle is coming off shortly for rebuilding with a 3.54 diff - its just waiting on me borrowing another 109" Salisbury to run as a slave axle in the short term - hopefully I'll pick that up in a week or two.

I've also replaced the "red" lever in the cab - it quite literally fell off last week, the bolt holding it to the gearbox having vanished. The new ones were a pig to get at to put in too - I could have really done with a ratchet spanner, but of course the 13mm ratchet spanner vanishes when its really needed.

The final, and most time consuming job was sorting out the contents of the rear tub. Yes, the broken glass/oil/mud sludge was scraped out, and sifted for valuables... I found various things I've been looking for for a little while, including my best 10mm impact socket (pretty essential for working on a tdi), and a beer bottle that must have been in there since EOD 09.

I've also swapped some wheels round again, she's now running on a Avon Ranger's or near copies all round, but I'm a bit concerned by the cracks in some of them - I think I may buy two of the Kingpin copies, put them on the front, and put the best two of the rest on the back.

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