Monday, 19 October 2009

On Tour

The "Bodgit and scarper" roadshow is coming to your town soon... well maybe.

Saturday I was performing in Penistone cinema, welding a rather rusty 88" for an MOT.(The cinema has been closed for years, and is currently a huge workshop... weird place part of it like a 28dl explore). Another performance is scheduled for tomorrow night, this being in Shaw, on the subject of pumbing up SWB brakes, then I've got to head to east Derbyshire at some point to fault find a 109" which has apparently lost all brakes without warning...

All this means I have done nothing to Bitsa for the past week, apart from drive her. I do need to get some antifreze in, as I'm not sure how much is in, and the nights are starting to get colder.

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