Monday, 26 October 2009

The fuel lift pump packed it in on Saturday. It thoughtfully did so about 1/2 a mile from the farm, and I managed to get her to crawl home in short burst of tickover in 1st gear. (it seems that a Tdi injector pump sucks fuel from the tank fast enought for this result...).

I nicked NOG's facet electric fuel pump as a short term fix, good job I keep a selection of 1/4 BSP hose tail fittings in stock. I'm rather a fan of electrical lift pumps, so rather than replace the Tdi pump, I've ordered NOG a new Facet - £35 from Paddocks.

Bleeding the system is now really simple - open fuel bleed screws, turn the ignition on, wait for fuel to emerge, turn key off, close bleed screw. Talk about civilised.

I've also fitted a second fuel filter assembly, with a coolant driven heat exchanger attached - the idea is for this is to be part of the waste oil system. When I've got two Facet pumps, before I fit NOG's new one, I may trial running the waste oil system with its own pump - in the long term, that is probably the best way forward, as it should remove all the problems I've been having with fuel starvation and air leaks from suction pipes. If that works, I can always buy NOG another pump...

I'm supposed to be collecting a major part of a new project a week today - a "new" chassis for the cammo contraption. The plan is for this to get a speed rebuild, pass an MOT, and then be flogged ASAP, in order to relive my bank account. At the current standing, it owes me about £500, so if I keep spending under control, I might actually make a profit. As a bonus, I might actually be able to get my workshop back - NOG is currently camped out inside, and the Cammo thing is in the only available place outside...

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