Thursday, 27 August 2009

Waste oil - nearly there.

I've finally actually got as far as makeing payment for a batch oil oil to HMRC... the cheque went in the post tonight for an inital 100L (£54.19 worth) of oil. That would cost me about £105 at the pumps right now, so a pretty decent saving.

If I get the brakes sorted on Saturday, I'll possibly spend bank holiday monday setting up a basic system for running on the stuff.
I'm currently thinking I won't fit propper twin tanks for the moment - Instead I'm contemplating modifying a jerry can or similar.

The only bit of the system I'm not yet sure about is the changeover valves - I may be seen looking at plumbing bits in wickes later this evening.

Reports of a Landrover clouded in blue smoke may be forthcomming shortly... but at that price who cares.

If everything works out OK, once things have "stablised" I'll post up a propper "how to..." sort of post.

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