Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Bitsa doesn't like going on holiday to Aberystwyth. This is a fact.

Two years ago, the injector pump on her old 2.25D totaled itself and the camshaft, a couple of miles out of town, in protest at being run on 100% veg oil for weeks. That resulted in her being parked up off the road awaiting rebuild, as the MOT was almost out, and I couldn't be bothered to keep messing with the engine.

This time, nothing so dramatic happened. However, the clutch is now dragging badly, the bearings in the transfer box have gone, and the overdrive selector seems to be giveing me only the options of "out" and neutral... The exahust also snapped off, and had to be repaired ASAP as it was almost undrivably noisy without...

The trip down was fun, fast lane of the M56 with the screen folded down on the bonnet... just a little blowy.

I also did a spot of laning - the video is here (I would try and embed it, but to say Blogger is hard to make work is an understatement)

This weekends mission looks like it will be swaping the transfer box for one from a different gearbox, as the bearings have gone to the point that I'm supprised it still moves about under its own power...

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