Tuesday, 7 July 2009

I've been doing lots of stuff...

...but not much blogging. So here be a quick update.

Bitsa and I attended Leafers at t'pit show last weekend. The weather was good, the BBQ better, and I seemed to come back with both more junk than I took, and more cash as well (That last makes a change). I also got a free nail, which is currently causing one of the rear tyres to decend every couple of days. I'm tossing up if it has enough tread to be worth paying someone to put a new tube in it.

I've also bought a new front prop - I had started changing the UJ's in the old one, but it was rather mangled, as someone had previously changed the UJ's with a very big hammer, and deformed one of the yokes quite badly. I had given up, until I could think of a solution, but I found one in the autojumble for all of £5, which suited me nicely.

I didn't take any piccys at leafers, but there are loads on OLLR, if anyone is interested.

In other news, the spare wheel now lives on the bonnet, this is to do with taking the junk home after leafers, and so to stop the screen blowing up when running roofless, a tactical cable tie is proving handy. I really need a bungy strap, that lives inside the spare wheel, but I've not found one by the roadside for a few weeks, and I'm reluctant to actually pay for one. Also in other news, the bright red drivers door top is clearly about to meet its maker, and sways merrily in every passing breeze. I suppose this means I'm due for a trip into Landranger for a new one. While I'm there, I'll have to ask how they are doing with refunding the dud rear springs - which are now bending backwards... all has gone quiet on that front of late, and I could do with a decent set really. I've been given a worn out set which would do for the short term, but I still need some decent ones for the longer term...

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