Monday, 25 August 2008

Its been a while, but work has finally restarted...

For various reasons, I've not touched Bitsa for ages. The main reason is that I've been finishing NOG off - she passed an MOT a couple of weeks ago, after a project that has taken some two years, on and off... its nearly three years since she had last been on the road.

Once that was done, it was MOT time for the farm Range-rover, which meant new sills, new floor, the exahust welding up... its also meant about a week of fulltime work. Still, its got another years ticket, before I've got to weld it again.

The final push for the two MOT's has meant that I've not really even thought about Bitsa much, apart from to use her as a handy shed, and to nick small bits from (that where half the lights have gone, nothing like having another vehicle to steal from when you are in a rush)

I've never actually had both LR's up and running at the same time, so now there is a new challenge on - get Bitsa an MOT before NOG comes out of ticket again...

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