Wednesday, 9 April 2008

The 200di itself

Well, these days I have a 200di sat in the shed, nearing vehicle-ready status.

The turbo has come off, not without a fight, (its better not to ask what the fate of the hard to remove stud was... :-*) and the oil cooler lines have been deal with (as in welded shut)

I've been weighing up the options for manifolds, and come to the following conclusions.
1) The 2.25D inlet is by far the best for the job. Ports seem perfectly in line, and it more or less bolts straight on. All that is needed to fit is to remove a very small slither from edges of the top securing lugs (see photos below).
2) The 200tdi exahust can be used alongside the 2.25D inlet as ^^^, without modification.

However, this still leaves for me the anoying problem of the 200tdi outlet for the exahust being not in an ideal place. I'm toying with the idea of fabricating a manifold, as while its probably more work than fabricating an exahust, it would be a much nicer result to be able to use a std 2.25D side exit exahust...

I've pulled all the power steering pump, alternator, and asociated bracketry off, and experimented with putting a 2.25D one in its place. On balance, I think I'll probably just fabricate a bracket, that way I can use a totally standard 16ACR, with a normal pulley etc.

One question, which still has been bugging me a little is how to take the viscous fan off the waterpump. I know that if all else fails I can brutally attack it with an angle grinder, but I'd rather do things more gently if I can.

Next eposode will probably be sorting the exahust manifold out, and swapping the oil filter, but that may not be for some time yet...

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